For people everywhere in the world, football (UK) or soccer (US) is known as a really fun game – no questions asked. Right now, a new twist to the fun and exciting worldwide game is born and starting May of this year, 2018, the first ever World Cup for this new game or sport will take place in Shoreditch, London – just like any other sport!

With this being said, let us all welcome “Bubble Football/Soccer”, which brings football or soccer to a different and higher level. Players of this game follows the traditional way of playing the game and the catch is – to do this right while half of your body – upper body and head to be exact – is encased in an inflatable bubble ball.

Kick the ball and bump in to the opposing team’s player. Follow the overall football rules plus wear this outrageously amusing suit for increased game intensity and possibilities.

The whole description might look weird or unusual to you but it definitely is a game worth trying with your family, friends and even co-workers. Most people are now commonly playing this during team building activities and the like – being able to test players and develop a diverse type of team camaraderie. Trying out new stuff while having so much fun has never been this real until Bubble Football came.


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