Bubble soccer, also known as bubble football is a recreational game whereby the players are wearing inflated rounded balloons on their upper body. The game is played in large spaces indoors or in an open field and it’s guided with similar rules such as soccer.The game is usually played in birthday parties,company team building and bachelor’s party.


Bubble soccer originally started in Norway and since then it has spread to Uk, New Zealand and the united states.Bubble soccer first ever world cup is set to take place in May 2018,with the host being United kingdom. Participating countries will be Finland,Portugal,Brazil and Spain.

Bubble soccer can be played in different styles such as Bubble blowing,Bubble sumo and Bulldog.In Bubble blowing,a group of players stand at one end of the field while one player runs and dives in attempting to knock down the groups as much as possible.In Bubble sumo,two players try to push one another out of the circle which is drawn on the ground on the other hand Bulldog is where a player tries to knock down many players as much as possible from one end of the pitch to the other and the knocked down player is known as the Bulldog.

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